kitten almost died!

my 12 week old kitten could not stop picking up fleas…i bathed her and bathed her but there were still fleas…so i went and bought the 3 month dose of hartz flea drops. after aplying the first dose about 2 hours later i walked in my room and my kitten was attempting to come to me but could walk i looked down and she was on the floor convulsing hard with highly dialated puples. i grabbed the hartz package and read the back and noticed that it said full body trembles were possible…i rinsed her off and bathed her very good to get all the drops off her back but she wouldnt stop shaking. i called an emergency vet and they said that she was having sezures and that they didnt expect her to love through the night unless i took her there right away. but im a college student with low funds and didnt have the type of money that they were saying it was going to cost. shoe wouldnt stop shaking for about 3 hours. i kept putting spoon fulls of water in her mouth to keep her hydrated and try to flush the poison out of her system. fianlly about 3 hours after i saw her start shaking she started to calm down..still shaking just not as hard and she was trying to get up and walk. but she couldnt walk right she was walking side wase and would fall over after a few steps. i kept giveing her the water and made her a bed. in the morning when she woke up she was back to normal..but honestly she could have died..hartz is a terrible brand that should be taken off all store shelves immeadiatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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