Bald Cat

I bought Hartz flee and tick drops for a stray cat that was living in my apartments. The cat’s hair started falling out around her neck the next day and continued to fall out for several days after that. Now the back of her neck is completely bald and she has some scabs and sores as well. I finally decided to take her in and dropped her off at the vet today to have her sores treated, spayed, blood tests and shots. I hope she is going to be OK. I was only trying to help her and now I feel terrible about what has happened to her.

Plano, TX

Hartz Effects on My 8 Month Old Kitten

About 1 year ago I purchased Hartz Flea and Tick Drops to use on my three cats between the ages of 8 months and 1 year at the time. I applied the proper dosage to the cats in the area between their shoulderblades at the base of their necks. The older cat and one of the kittens had no problems. However, the other kitten did manage to lick some of the toxin from the area of application. I did not notice anything was wrong until I saw her trying to walk through the house but had such intense tremors that she could not move. Immediately I picked her up, but as the other cats had no reaction to the drops, I did not immediately ascertain that they might be the cause. Soon I noticed the area where the drops had been applied had obviously been licked, so I immediately bathed her with a cat shampoo. I then called my regular vet whose answering machine gave me the number to an emergency hotline out of Columbus, Ohio. The lady there told me to wash her several more times with dish detergant, which was stronger than the cat shampoo and would not react with the toxins. At that point we also washed the other two cats, to be sure the same did not happen to them.She told me after that all I could do was try to make the cat as comfortable as possible until the toxins had passed through her system. The hotline attendant also told me that she had recieved several other calls about the Hartz Flea and Tick Drops, so what my cat was experiencing was not unusual. Happily, the kitten, named Cow, survived the night and all tremors ceased within 3-4 days. We were lucky to have caught it in time.

Blocked salivary gland in both dogs after using flea collars

We have two dogs, an english bulldog and a dalmatian. Approxiamately one week after putting hartz flea collars on our dogs our dalmatian presented with a swollen salivary gland. At the time we did not think it was related to the collar, because he had been in an altercation with our pet bird. However, we did remove the collar and took him to the vet. Unfortunately we left the collar on our bulldog. The dalmatian was treated with antibiotics and has fully recovered. Now a week later our bulldog presented with the same symptoms! I am now convinced it was from the darn collar, I just wish I had come across this site $200 sooner.

Latest Victim-please warn others!!

God I feel like such a fool, because I had no idea about this issue until my beloved cat started suffering seizures shortly after my husband applied Hartz flea and tick medication on him. HARTZ ARE EVIL BASTARDS! I am so angry and appalled that this product can be on the shelf from a supposedly “reputable” company and F*** WAL-MART as well for carrying this crap! I mean, WTF?This is 2005, and we should not be succeptible to a product on our shelves that has harmed thousands upon thousands of innocent pets over the years. This is unacceptable, and HARTZ needs to pay. Please tell everyone that you know to NEVER EVER buy ANTYTHING from these money grubbing corporate scumbags who drive their fancy cars and eat at expensive restaurants while our pets SUFFER and DIE. Apparently this has all been said thousands of times before—How I wish I had known! PLEASE WARN OTHERS-I will- I would not wish this misery on anyone!


my beloved 7 year dob. had a mild reaction upon application,bathed,recovered.
1 yr. later I am watching my baby slowly succumb to severe unexplaned nuerlogical disease.none of her littermates show this.”wobblers” has been ruled out.


healthy cat suddenly ill after flea drop

Boo is a healthy 3-hear-old cat who has never had any health problems. I have always used Revolution, but today I became cheap and bought Hartz flea/tick drops. Within one hour, Boo became very agitated, meowing strangely and licking constantly. I thought it was strange, but decided to research when he began vomiting and trembling. After finding this web site, I immediately washed him off and called the vet. The vet said this is precisely why he never recommends any Hartz products. I got Boo some grass because if he eats enough, it makes him vomit. I figure it may help him get rid of this. He will not take any water. It has been about 6 hours now. I am hoping and praying that he doesn’t begin to have seizures – I cannot afford any kind of vet bill. I plan on calling the store where I purchased this deadly product and ask them to quit selling it!

Hartz Shampoo with hairball control


I just found this site and I have just discovered what killed my cat!
This dang shampoo I got.

2 months ago when we were still living up north I gave all 4 of my cats a bath. My oldest, Skitty (11), Bekka (2), and Anna and Red (9mo).

The next morning my Skitty was sick, I took him to the vet, got anti-b’s and steroids for him but nothing helped, in 3 days he was dead.

That was the only time I used the shampoo.

I just went into the kitchen and threw the rest of the “CRAP” in the trash!

Now I’m really mad!

Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk Killed my kittens

I had adopted 3 orphaned kittens from a shelter and was giving them Hartz kitten milk. When after about a day the kittens became weak and could not walk. Then they became lathargic and couldnt even hold there heads up. the three kittens consumed different amount of milk depending on their appetite. The one that consumed the most got like this first. and ended up dying in my arms. I gave him CPR and brought him back to life, then using alot of love and an electrolyte formula got his energy up and the Hartz milk through his system. I then switched to a different kind of milk and he improved 100 percent. The second kitten that day i gave the other CPR, then started the symptoms of just acting crazy and pushing its head against the cage and becoming very lethargic. So i watched him and when his heart stopped I tried the CPR, but to no luck. The kitten ended up dying. The third kitten was aswell showing the signs, but he was the runt and he didnt consume as much as the others. So he became quite ill, but made a full recovery after switching the milk. I contacted several vets and they said it would have to have been a problem with the milk. So I examined the container and it smelled “foul” like it was old or contaminated. I tried to look for an expiration date but there was none. Today the remaining 2 kittens are healthy on this new milk. I wanted to post this to avoid this happening to anyother person.


This company truely is a company that kills. This happened last week on May 4th 2005, and I will be contacting Hartz company immediately.