My Cat Suffered Short-Term Neurological Problems

I am the proud owner of one dog (Boston Terrier) and two cats. I purchased the Hartz Advanced Care for cats and the Hartz Advanced Care for dogs at my local Wal-Mart. When I arrived home, I immediately applied the correct vial to each of the animals. About 2-3 hours after applying the medicine to the animals, I noticed the eldest cat was walking very weird and while she was walking, she would duck her head…almost like she felt something was touching her and was trying to get away from it. She was very sensitive to even the touch of my hand. When I noticed this, I immediately knew that it was from using the flea drops on her. She was totally recovered by the next morning, but the weird thing is that the other cat and my dog were not affected. If she had not recovered by morning, I planned on taking her to the vet. But, thankfully she had totally recvovered. I will never use another Hartz flea product on my animals again! My pets were one of the lucky ones to survive without any lingering side-effects. I have read the stories posted to this site and hope you (Josh) can win your battle in court to get this product off the shelf. I wish you all the luck in doing so!

Brashear, TX

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