Saved! Thank you for this site!

My cat and my family are not victims, thanks to this web site! My husband and I purchased Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops at our local grocery. Odd, I hesitated to buy it since Frontline had worked well on my cat who has flea allergies. She was in misery again from itching, though, and I was anxious to get her some relief and didn’t want to wait. But I did wait after I bought it, I had this felling NOT to give her this product. I came close, but didn’t do it. I remembered this story long ago, about a friend who claimed she had killed hir little dog using a Hartz product. So, today I did a search on line, holding the product in my hand, to find out if anything was wrong with it. And behold, your site. The testimonies made me toss that package in the TRASH (I will see that it goes the toxic waste trash!!) My cat is curled up beside me, resting peacefully. I am so glad. Thank YOU!

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