My Fight to save Lor’s Life

On April 3rd I bought an over the counter Flea & Tick Plus that Hartz’s sells in my
local Wal-Mart store. I had purchased FrontLine online and was waiting to receive
it in the mail. The fleas on my cats (both got sick) were getting worse so I bought
the Hartz’s product thinking some of the fleas would be gone by the time I received the frontline in the mail. I put the product on both of my cats a little before
midnight (I am a night owl) on April 3rd. When I got up for work around 7:00 am on the 4th, I noticed LOR (Lord of the Rings) was shaking. His eyes were darting
back and forth and something told me it was the Flea Product. I knew it was a neurological reaction so I ran them both to my local vet. One look at my cats and my vet said “You gave these cats a Hartz’s product didn’t you!” That’s when our long journey began almost 2 months ago. Gollum my other cat seemed to recover nicely but LOR had a harder time. He was in & out of the vet’s. I have fed him his food through a eye dropper. He would get better only to get sick again.
Any type of cleaning product or poison (roach spray, flea spray, etc.) gave him a reaction (even removing LOR from the house and returning him after many hours did not work).
He seemed to get sick almost immediately after returning to the house. Then we
would be back in the vet’s for medicine. I could not even Capstar my other cat
unless I kept him away from LOR for at least 12 hours. It has been a major night- mare. I could only bathe LOR with Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid to kill his fleas.
I found a site online that sold only natural pet products and became one of their
best customers. The products seem to work great and I think I will stick to the
natural products with my cat Gollum. They contain no poisons so there is no harm
that can come to your pet. Wednesday (May 25th) I had my house sprayed for
fleas so once and for all my flea problems would be solved. But, as soon a I brought LOR back home he became very ill. He spent his last few days fighting for his life at the local vets. He never got over the initial poisoning with the Hartz’s and it made him become so sensitive to any other products. I cannot believe that a product is sold on the market that is so harmful to your pets. Why one cat got
better and one stayed so sick is a mystery. The only thing different was their ages.
Gollum was born in July and LOR was born in October. The product said it was safe for kittens and I trusted that it was. Now I have lost much sleep, spent every
waking minute and almost $1000.00 to save a cat that has lost it battle. I pray no
one else has to go through the 2 months of hell that I just went through. I lost a
wonderful little kitten who was just becoming the cutest little friend. Now I will never know how wonderful a friend he would have become. I have always had pets and I am proud to say all of them have died from old age. This has taught me not to buy not one item over the counter. If it doesn’t come from the vet or is a natural product it will not go in or on my pet.

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