Bio spot killed my cat

I have bought Biospot flea control from Drs Foster and Smiths web site many times and at the time thought it was a good product. I did notice that the last time I used it on our dog that he seemed to get very confused and stumbled around for a few days. I thought that he might be allergic so I changed to Frontline. I however did continue using the product made especially for cats on my cats.
Sunday I applied it to our outdoor cat who was perfectly healthy . By Tuesday evening I noticed she was lethargic and sounded different. On Wednesday she had trouble focusing her eyes and sounded awful, and appeared weak. That evening I gave her a bath to scrub off the Biospot and planned to take her to the vet as soon as it opened the next day. I never got the chance as she died that night. I know that Biospot killed her and am heartbroken that I am the one that poisoned her. This product is poison and I cannot understand why someone who calls themselves a vet would dare carry such a product. Too late I did a search on the internet and found many more cases where Biospot had killed or seriously injured pets. My vet says they have seen many similar cases also with tragic results. To whoever reads this PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET- IT CAN BE DEADLY!
I have written to Fosters and Smith and asked to return my unused portions for a refund, but noone can ever replace my cat who was a member of my family. I have also written the company asking that they take the product off the market or at least put strong warnings on the packages. I doubt seriously that I will be listened to as the bottom line is always money. If I can save one person from doing the same to their beloved pet it is well worth the time spent- please do not use BIOSPOT.
Sincerly, JoAnne Turner

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