People are spending lots of money on vets bills due to this product. Some people will sue hartz and some will call and write them requesting reimbursement for expenses. Good luck to you all. But………

I think we should all get together in numbers and address this issue another way. Sure we all lost money. But can we make that better by helping to educate others ahead of time so they dont make our mistakes? Sure.

Now if you really want to bitch and complain make sure you are doing it to the right person.

CALL the store where you bought it from

The larger the corporation is the bigger message it will send out to Hartz when they find out their product was pulled from their shelves due to numerous complaints. If Hartz is too greed driven over morality to discontinue their product over the OBVIOUS complaints they are fully AWARE of, then hit em in their pocket. We are obviously not buying it ever again now lets make sure no one else can as well. Walmart as an example is one of the largest corporations in america. I am sure they will have 10 non lethal companies waiting in line to replace Hartz on their shelves. So walmart don’t care about Hartz they will still be making their billlions a year without selling Hartz.

Just make them aware of this issue. Large numbers of complaints will get the message across to them. And the same with petco and other retailers. Has anyone started a legitimate, legal walmart product petition?

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