More victims to report

This is an extension of the “Plase help my Dea” story I worte. After administering the HARTZ 4 in 1 drop to 2 cats and a dog, they all became ill. Boo suffered ear twitching, which still hasn’t subsided. His twitching isn’t major. Roxy (the dog) threw up constantly for about 36 hours. Dea continued to twitch for 48 hours during this time we gave her 2 baths (and she bit me) and then her eye and chest began to convulse. We took her to the emergency vet at 11:30 last night. Dea had to be admitted to the hospital, they gave her a cathader, blood tests, urine analysis, IV fluids, atropene, took her temp and shaved her leg and her neck. $555.00 later on top of the $30.00 spent on flea meds and the $12 on shampoo for the dog, Dea still twitches into the later hours of the fourth day of suffering. When I saw Dea today I cried becasue I felt guilty that I had hurt her and she could possibly die. I have had Dea for 7 years and me bleeding heart decided to take a kitten from the streets. This is the reason I gave the meds to the animals. I am considering getting rid of the pregnant kitty I invited to live in my screen house, I just don’t want to loose any of my wonderful pets. Never take your animals for granted, you will miss them more than you know.

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