Hartz 4 in 1 – Help my Dea

I kitten found me about a week ago and I noticed her slowly getting bloated and she looked a bit ill. I took her to the doctor and he told me she was about 1 month pregnant…$130.00 later I decided I should keep this soon to be Mommy. I already have 2 cats Boo is 4 and Dea is 7, they are both inside cats. Since Sunee (the new Kitty) has fleas and I can’t medicate her because she is pregnant, I decided to let her live in my screen house until she delivers. I gave Boo and Dea Hartz 4 in 1 flea drops to keep them safe from Sunee’s fleas. Boo and Dea were both acting crazy and itching all day yesterday. I decided to give them a bath this afternoon and Boo is fine. Dea, however, has been twitching her ear and her head all day and she won’t even come out of my closet. She has’t eaten since this morning and the poor thing can’t even get some good sleep! I called the 24 hour emergency vet and they said she probably has ear mites. Dea has never even been on the patio and doesn’t go outside, she has never even had a flea, a tick or a mite. I explained to the vet that I gave her the Hartz and she said she never heard of any of the stories about Hartz harming cats. I told her she should look on the internet and see all the reports. I feel lost because it doesn’t seem like they would help her any if I brought her there. I really don’t want to wait till morning, I am very scared, I have had Dea since she was 5 weeks old. She has been my first born for the last 7 years. ANY ADVICE WILL HELP…PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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