Yet another hapless victim

On Sunday we tried to do something nice for our cat Kestra – prevent fleas. We bought the Hartz Advanced Care drops and applied one tube as the directions specified. We read the warnings but how were we to anticipate that our cat had a “sensitivity”? It’s not like there was a small tube of the stuff to test her with, so we squirted the whole thing on her neck. The next morning she was scratching and meowing at our bedroom door, and when I saw her I was shocked because she was shedding like crazy from the back of her neck where we had applied the drops, and it felt like a chemical burn on her skin. Later my husband and I decided to wash her with soap like it suggested on the label. It seemed to get the majority of the oil off, but then we started noticing her shaking her hind legs like she does when wet, so we think we should bring her to the vet. I am so mad right now, yet at the same time I feel guilty for putting my friend, Kestra, through this. Why is Hartz getting away with this? There needs to be a penalty for this sort of thing; it’s tantamount to ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! Let’s try to figure out a way to get this “product” off the shelves and away from other unsuspecting pet lovers!

Suzanne Aldrich

One thought on “Yet another hapless victim”

  1. I posted this story about what happened to my cat years ago. She always had problems with her skin from that point forward, including shedding from that hotspot and yeast infections in her ears. If anyone ever wants to start a class action suit, I’d be happy to join.

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