About a month ago, my boyfriend use Hartz flea drops on our cat Goblin, who’s about 10 mos. old. Goblin got totally lethargic and skittish, but we thought he was just unhappy about having something wet and strange smelling on the back of his neck. Overnight, he curled next to us as tightly as he could, and I tried to comfort him, but it still never occured to me that he could be ill.

The next morning, my boyfriend noticed that Goblin was still lethargic and began having muscle spasms in both legs. Mike washed the product off him a bit and went online to see if he could find any information about what to do for him and why he was reacting that way. What he found, of course, was horror story after horror story about what Hartz has done to people’s pets. Mike washed Goblin thoroughly and called the vet, who told him, “Bring Goblin in right away.” I raced home from work and we took him to the vet, where they told us that it was very good that Mike had washed him and he should be ok, although the kept him on an IV for two days.

The vet bill was almost $400, but luckily, Goblin is fine. I am SO grateful to Josh and everyone responsible for this site, because without it, Mike wouldn’t have known how serious the effects of Hartz products can be.

I can’t imagine the pain of those who lost beloved pets and I find it absolutely APALLING that Hartz knows about the deaths, traumas and illnesses they’ve caused yet fight tooth and nail to continue to sell these deadly products. I’m particularly outraged about the grossly inadequate “relabeling” that Hartz was required to do by the EPA: our package merely reads that pet owners should consult a vet before using their products IF your pet is “known to be sensitive to pesticide products.” Why would Goblin have a “known sensitivity”? He was only 9 months old at the time!

I am a magazine editor and writer and since Goblin recovered, I have wanted to write as big a story as I could lambasting Hartz for the trauma they have caused and continue to cause. I am in particular need of sources with legal backgrounds to comment on why Hartz can continue to sell these products or can at least offer background on class action suits against large corporations. If this fits you or someone you know, please get in touch with me. I would also like to speak with anyone who would like to discuss their experience with Hartz products (good or bad) and/or their dealings with the Hartz corporation.
Thanks very much, Virginia (please email: [email protected]

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