Hartz Flea Drops Are Toxic to Cats

We purchased Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus in April 2005. It is labeled “For Cats and Kittens Weighing 10lbs or less”. We applied it to the back of the necks of our two adult cats, both of whom weight 10lbs or more. Both had severe and ongoing reactions, including tremors, salivation and apparent halluncinations. We have bathed the animals repeatedly to try and remove all traces of the product. The vet’s were shocked that we had purchased this product. This product and all related products are to be avoided. If you applied these products to your animals, bath them immediately and rinse repeatedly. We notice that the reactions seem to occur after the cats wash behind their ears. Despite repeated attempts to remove the product from the fur, we can still smell the residue.

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