Marketing support

I’ve had a lot of requests recently for creative marketing peices. Specifically bumper stickers and fliers.

If there is anyone who can create an effective ad promoting and our cause, it would be greatly appreciated. You will, of course, be given full, non-monetary credit.

Please send only high resolution artwork – standard bumper sticker dimensions and/or 8.5″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″ fliers. I am completely willing to entertain various print sizes as well as other mediums.

I will be working on this effort as time allows but would also love to see what you guys can come up with.

Please send submissions directly to me.


Hartz is a bunch of JUNK

I bought harzt flea and tick medicine for my cat about a year ago. I made sure it was the correct weight for her and everything. I only used half the tube on her and about 2 hours later I realized something was terribly wrong with her. She was falling off furniture, she couldn’t jump on anything, her eyes looked funny, and she was drooling something awful. I immediatly took her to the emergency overnight vet. Luckily I was there in time, they had to pump her stomach, and put her on IV’s and watch her overnight. They said she would be ok, but that things like this happen all the time. Well I was so irrate at hartz after hearing these stories I called them and emailed them. It took awhile but eventually I recieved my money back for the vet bill, and reembursment for the product itself. I wish they would take this crap off the market because it is obviously doing more harm than good for all these animals!

Protest Day

Would it be possible to arrange a Hartz protest day at chains that carry Hartz?

Our Goblin is now on an IV and a cathater (sp?) for 2 days as the vet said “flushing out the poison”. the people at the vet said NEVER use HARTZ, and that on top of all the sick pets they get, the stuff works for maybe a week if at all!

It’s shocking this stuff can legally be sold. I would like Hartz to pay my $355 medical bill.


On September 12th we use Hartz fogger, on Sept 15th our cat Rooroo died.
On Saturday we uised Hartz home flea & tick killer (note the bottle states safe for pet bedding), well sunday Luther vandross kitty threw up, stopped drinking, cant poop, walks like his back legs are going another way, we called hartz who put us on phone with a vet. Cant save the cat its alreadyu in his blood stream cause nerve damage. I want to know how the hell there product says ” do not use on pets ” but then states ” safe for pet bedding “. Keep in mind both times it was flea spray for dog, but cat who lives in same house dies. When I asked hartz they stated some cats can handle the fumes, others cant. They then offered to pay the vet bill of $31.00 to put my cat to sleep. I detest these people right now, Id rather deal with the fleas then put my pet through a living hell. I hope Hartz rots in hell for killing our pets.

Hartz made my kitties sick

I had actually used the Hartz crap on my cats a couple of years ago and it made them all sick. Usually very playful cats, they were mopey and sleeping all day long. I had used it once before and remember them having a similar reaction, but this time, it seemed worse. I went to the vet a couple of days later for their annual shots and told the vet about their listlessness after applying flea medicine. The vet asked if I used Hartz and I told them yes. The vet recommended that I wash it off of them immediately and use Frontline instead. I thought the vet was just trying to sell me his stuff, but I did as he suggested anyway just in case. Now, I’m SO glad I listened. My kitties are all OK and don’t seem to have sustained any of the horrible conditions that many others’ kitties seem to have.

Someone Needs to Stop the Horror

About a year ago I bought the Hartz flea and tick powder for my cat. I did exactly as it said on the label, making sure my cat was of the proper weight and age. Within 30 minutes she was gasping for air, her muscles were twitching and she was losing control of her bladder and bowels. I took special care not to get the powder near her face so I knew that was not the problem. She hid under the table in a dark corner and before I could get her out to take her to the vet she was gone. I called Hartz and their response was, ” she probably ate something…”. I know she didn’t because she was an inside cat and we don’t even have houseplants that she could have eaten. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

Hartz flea drops are bad!

We used Hartz flea drops on my Maine Coon cat…if any of you know the breed you know they get really big. Anyways, after using it he started running into walls and just acting like he was drunk almost. Then he started drooling and being lathargic so I called my grandmother who has the same type of cat…when I told her what we had used she screamed into the phone for me to use Joy dishwashing liquid and bathe him right then. It took 3 trys but after we got it all off he was ok. Then my husband found a small kitten on the side of the rode and the ppl that had dumped her and poured I know at least 3 or 4 tubes of that junk on her…I knew it was Hartz cause it smelled the same and it was hard to get off her too. She was acting VERY WEIRD before I finally got all that crap off her. Our vet told me to NEVER buy Hartz products cause they are worthless.

Thank you for the information!

I have never heard about any problems with Hartz brand animal products, so when I stumbled onto this site, I was quite surprised. Between my parents and me, we have 4 dogs (2 rat terriers, a “Heinz 57,” and a golden retriever) and a couple common housecats. We would all be devastated if ANYTHING were to happen to them, so I’m going to call my mom right now and tell her to get rid of anything Hartz around our house.

Thank you so much for this valuable information. I’m terribly sorry that anything like this had to happen to you.