Thank you

I really didn’t know what to put this under but anyway. I am very thankful for your website, today we bought te Hartz Flea and Tick Medication for Cats over 10lbs., I didn’t want to buy anything except Frontline, but my mom insisted. Anyway, to make me happy, my mom did some research on Hartz medication, and found all these horror stories. Thanks again for having this website to nform people, I might of lost my best friend or put her through something awful.

Flea drops nearly killed my cat

Our 5 year old cat is severely allergic to fleas, so we have to keep a close eye on her. When the Hartz product came on the market, I thought I would save a few dollars and buy this instead of the more expensive products from the vet — was I wrong!

I applied the medicine to the cat as directed on the box. Within an hour, she crawled up on my lap and her whole body was shaking. She could hardly move. We immeditely called the vet and explained what had happened. He advised she was having seizures and to bring her in right away. She ended up having to under treatment costing $350 to save her life. The vet told us he sees a lot of animals poisoned by this product every week.

When I got home a re-read all of the instructions that came with the product to see if there were any warnings that I had overlooked and found none. How can such a toxic product be sold to put on our animals and not even have a warning.

Hartz made my cats sick!

I used some of the flea treatment that you rub between the cats shoulderblades. i had purchased it over the counter between visits to the vet figuring it was a generic version of frontline. I was so wrong! it made both of my cats sick and lethargic and caused scabs and hair loss wherever the product touched their skin. reading some of the other stories i’ve seen on the net i am so glad their reaction wasn’t worse. this stuff should be illegal to sell.

Used Hartz Flea Drops; Drops Had Terrible Side Effects

I used Hartz flea and tick drops on my cat. I applied them per the instructions; starting between the cat’s shoulder blades and down her spine.

My cat became very, VERY lethargic. She just laid down and wouldn’t move. I had to pet her constantly to make sure she didn’t go unconscious.

Within two to three days, all the fur on her back had fallen out where the flea and tick drops were applied. To this day she still has a small bald spot between her shoulder blades, and when the weather warms up and she starts to shed, she loses fur most noticibly down her spine, creating a semi-bald stripe down her back, similar to the effects she had when I first used the product.

Beware this product. It’s terrible.

Surviving Hartz

I used the Hartz Advanced Care 4+ treatment on my 5 year old Siamese on Thursday night. On Friday morning, he was twitching and shaking. I called my vet, told her what I had used, and acted immediately to give my cat a full body bath with something strong like Dawn dish detergent. My vet said the reaction to Hartz was very common and that they had seen much worse than my Beau was experiencing. In one case, they had to sedate a cat for a few days until the tremors wore off. Beau couldn’t sleep for 48 hours because of the tremors and was obviously in a lot of pain, but he didn’t stop eating snacks from my hand or taking small drinks of water. But I felt awful! I do everything for my cats but I was so ignorant about Hartz. Never again!


Brenda is a reporter in New York who is still desparately searching for victims in the area. Please call her at the number below if you’re in the area

Hi —

My name’s Brenda Flanagan. I’m a reporter for the investigative unit
at UPN-9 TVNews…located in the North Jersey/NYC Metro area. I am looking
for local pet owners who’ll agree to be interviewed about their experience
with Hartz flea drops. I have also obtained the videotape of affected cats
— shot by an Arkansas vet (Dr. Rose) who runs a cat clinic. Please please
get in touch with me! My number here at work is 201-330-2288…cell is

Thanks – Brenda Flanagan (PS – I have six cats — Peter, Bushy, Sing,
Marlon Brando, Rufus Rumpuscat, and Ophelia the Smidgen)

My Mini is in Bad shape!

I never knew this stuff was bad! Why was I not informed…I am media savy and keep up on information constantly…i feel its all my fault….I gave “mini” a dose this morning at 8 am as its spring and wanted her to stay safe outside. At 3 this afternoon the twiching and drunken walk started…I rushed her to the vet and as I have tons of pets cannot afford the 1000. they wanted to help her and not guarantee that she would even come alive. We are now giving water by mouth and keeping her quite. I am in a fit and my kids are so mad at me.
I pray my little cat makes it through the night.

Hartz Flea Dip

A few years back we gave our cat a flea dip by Hartz. Within about a half hour our cat started having trouble walking. Before we knew it she had lost control of her bowels and bladder, was vomiting and disoriented. Naturally, this was a Sunday evening. We called the vet, explained the symptoms and the vet asked us “have you recently given her a Hertz flea dip?” Yes, the vet specifically said “Hartz. We told her that was exactly what we used. The vet said she had seen this many times and we should bring the cat straight in. The vet gave her an injection and some additional medication. Fortunately, our cat survived this ordeal, but from what the vet said, many other cats have not been that lucky.

We decided to write Harts a letter explaining what had gone on and suggested they might put some type of warning on their package. We didn’t even know if they would respond, but we thought it was worth the effort. We did in fact receive a response from Hartz. They wrote: “We have never had a problem with any of our products, we’ve never had a warning on any of our products and we don’t intend to change the packaging now”. They couldn’t have been any blunter or less caring. We threw away anything that had Hartz on it. I will not purchase anything with that name on it. And if the critters get gifts with that name on it (as they sometimes do) they get thrown away. I am however, happy to share my story with anyone that will listen.

This happened at the same time that Hartz was using the outdoor Blockade in California. The FDA had asked Hartz to remove their Blockade product from the shelves and to continue testing it because it was causing liver problems / failure in dogs. There were over 400 dog deaths that could be linked back to the Blockade – Hartz refused.

HARTZ ear mite med disaster!!!

When I first found Akira she was near dead…I found her on a Friday afternoon, and went to Wally world (aka Walmart) that night to get kitty stuff (I had never had a cat before). Well she had REALLY bad ear mites so I figured Id get a jump on things and get some OTC ear mite stuff, so mabey it wont be so bad on her untill we get to the vet Monday…when I got home and put the drops in it took about an hour. Akira’s ears turned flaming red, puffed up super swollen and she was scratching at them violently the edges started looking flacky….like they were drying out…of course ignorant kitty mom I was didnt relate teh 2 untill Sunday after like 4 more applications…Of course after that the stuff went in to the trash….then I went on-line and looked up HARTZ and foudn all kinds of nasty stuff about their products..mainly the flea stuff…but my experiance…and after seeign all those death stories is more than enough to make me never buy another thing from that company..even a toy!!!