My Toy Fox Terrier & Seizures

I’m so happy i found this web site, I have the banner on my web site & have contacted so many people concerning Hartz….My Story……
I have a 4yr old Toy Fox Terrier, Named Rocky
I adopted 5 yrs ago, which he was very healthy & playful…well i started using the Hartz Shampoos & Conditioners, never thinking this could harm my lil one, last year Rocky started having seizures every few weeks, carried him to a 24 hour vet, they ask me if he rocky had been around any antifreeze, which i said no because rocky stays in all the time & when he does go outdoors, its always on a leash…needless to say this vet had no clue what was causing rocky to have seizures & would have cost me thousands of dollars before this vet would do anything, then i talked to a good friend of mine come to find out her little dog had a seizure the night before, and the product she was using was yup you guessed it HARTZ Flea & Tick Shampoo…To make a long story short, i no longer use any type of Hartz Products & never will…rocky has been seizure free for over 2 months now. I read some of the stories on this web site & cried..because i really understand how they feel about losing such a precious animal that they loved.
If we don’t protect our lil ones who will? I just want the members here to know, if you ever need someone to talk to,, I’m here…..I have contacted my news media & Congressman to let them know about Hartz & the products they are using to harm our animals. My Email If You ever need for someone to talk to.
[email protected]

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