I am sending this email in response to the horrible, almost life ending experience my cat had with Hartz Flea & Tick Drops. My cat Abby, who seldomly goes outdoors, had recently been scratching a lot and we had been finding flea remnants on her bed and other places where she napped. We happened to be in a large Pet store Chain in San Diego, CA and made the terrible mistake of purchasing Hartz Flea & Tick Drops for my cat. I had used Advantage from the vet in the past, but since we were in the pet store and the Hartz Fela & Tick Drops were right there, we decided to pick some up and put it on her when we got home. The instructions on the back of the box were followed exactly. That is where I made the huge mistake in purchasing this dangerous, toxic and poisoning product.

I, like many of pet owners found out the “hard” way about how dangerous Hartz- Flea & Tick Drops are. I had to take Abby, my 8-year-old cat to the Emergency Pet Hospital just two days ago after using this product. I was informed that my cat was one of the “lucky” ones. She loss some fur, has had muscle spasms in her ears, was throwing up, had foamy salivation, and would not eat for 2 days. After an overnight stay in the hospital and being on an IV for the entire stay, she has her appetite back, but her ears are still having the spasms. My personal vet advised me that this should subside with time. She told me that Abby is lucky to be alive.

I felt terrible for doing this to Abby. Pet Stores and other retailers should not sell this product. Hartz should no longer supply this product. The adverse reaction section on the back of the box does not indicate the extreme danger and seriousness of this pesticide we are subjecting our pets too. $575 later (which Abby is worth every penny), we learned the hard way about the danger of Hartz products.

Please do not purchase or use any Hartz Flea & Tick Products. Please do not contribute to Hartz Mountain Corp making money off of life threatening products.

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