advanced flea drops

I put the flea drops on my 2 kitties at 9am yesterday and by noon, one of them -Bootsy- was twitching and having tremors. She was also drooling. The other was extremely lethargic and couldn’t even jump to her favorite perch on my nightstand.

I had no idea this stuff was unsafe. I really needs to be taken off the market. I called 4 different vets and everyone said they dealt with kitties who were victims of this stuff on a regular basis. They all said its the worst stuff you can buy.

I gave them both a bath with dishsoap immediately. I was told to use cold water as warm water causes more absorption in the skin. After that and a trip to the vet, they appear to be OK. As OK as anyone can be after being poisoned. I’m telling everyone I know with animals NEVER to use this.

I don’t understand how the warning label does anything to solve the issue of this stuff being fundamentally unsafe for cats!!!

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