2in1 Rid Flea Shampoo gave my dog seizures

We just got our lil’ Taco(chihuahua) about a few months ago. Well, when we first found him we gave him a bath with 2in1 rid flea shampoo by hartz, because he had fleas all over him. That very night he had a seizure, it was horrible. First his backlegs wouldnt move anymore and he just kept looking around so scared. Well, being that we had just gotten him, we figured it was something that was wrong with his health and maybe thats why his previous owners had just dumped him out on the roadside. The seizure lasted for a couple of minutes, and was the only time he had them( at the time)
Well, a couple of days ago, I bathed him with the same shampoo again, ( i wasnt aware of any of the problems with Hartz products.) He started acting a bit strange after that, yesterday he kept missing his jumps, trying to get up on the recliner and just totaly missing. And then later on last night he had another seizure, this time worse then the first time. I was so scared and kept wrecking my brain about what in the world could’ve triggered this with him. The only thing we had done different then any day, was bathe him with this hartz product. So i went online and did a search about hartz. I was furious to find all these sites on how these products have hurt and even worse killed pets! Why in the world havent these products been pulled of the market.
I really wanted to post this since i see that mostly it has been cats that are affected, but in our case its a dog. Now we have more dogs too that we had bathed with it. All of which are large dogs and it didnt bother them, or at least so it seems so far. We did spray all the dogs off today, to make sure they didnt have anything left on them.
I also posted this on my website and will try to do my best to get the word out about this. I am furious with the greed of the Hartz company. How dare they keep trying to make money with these deadly products, when consumers like us go out and buy them, thinking we’re helping our animals.
I know there are still way too many people out there that dont know about greedy deadly hartz!!

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