Flea drops nearly killed my cat

Our 5 year old cat is severely allergic to fleas, so we have to keep a close eye on her. When the Hartz product came on the market, I thought I would save a few dollars and buy this instead of the more expensive products from the vet — was I wrong!

I applied the medicine to the cat as directed on the box. Within an hour, she crawled up on my lap and her whole body was shaking. She could hardly move. We immeditely called the vet and explained what had happened. He advised she was having seizures and to bring her in right away. She ended up having to under treatment costing $350 to save her life. The vet told us he sees a lot of animals poisoned by this product every week.

When I got home a re-read all of the instructions that came with the product to see if there were any warnings that I had overlooked and found none. How can such a toxic product be sold to put on our animals and not even have a warning.

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