Brenda is a reporter in New York who is still desparately searching for victims in the area. Please call her at the number below if you’re in the area

Hi —

My name’s Brenda Flanagan. I’m a reporter for the investigative unit
at UPN-9 TVNews…located in the North Jersey/NYC Metro area. I am looking
for local pet owners who’ll agree to be interviewed about their experience
with Hartz flea drops. I have also obtained the videotape of affected cats
— shot by an Arkansas vet (Dr. Rose) who runs a cat clinic. Please please
get in touch with me! My number here at work is 201-330-2288…cell is

Thanks – Brenda Flanagan (PS – I have six cats — Peter, Bushy, Sing,
Marlon Brando, Rufus Rumpuscat, and Ophelia the Smidgen)

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