Hartz Flea Dip

A few years back we gave our cat a flea dip by Hartz. Within about a half hour our cat started having trouble walking. Before we knew it she had lost control of her bowels and bladder, was vomiting and disoriented. Naturally, this was a Sunday evening. We called the vet, explained the symptoms and the vet asked us “have you recently given her a Hertz flea dip?” Yes, the vet specifically said “Hartz. We told her that was exactly what we used. The vet said she had seen this many times and we should bring the cat straight in. The vet gave her an injection and some additional medication. Fortunately, our cat survived this ordeal, but from what the vet said, many other cats have not been that lucky.

We decided to write Harts a letter explaining what had gone on and suggested they might put some type of warning on their package. We didn’t even know if they would respond, but we thought it was worth the effort. We did in fact receive a response from Hartz. They wrote: “We have never had a problem with any of our products, we’ve never had a warning on any of our products and we don’t intend to change the packaging now”. They couldn’t have been any blunter or less caring. We threw away anything that had Hartz on it. I will not purchase anything with that name on it. And if the critters get gifts with that name on it (as they sometimes do) they get thrown away. I am however, happy to share my story with anyone that will listen.

This happened at the same time that Hartz was using the outdoor Blockade in California. The FDA had asked Hartz to remove their Blockade product from the shelves and to continue testing it because it was causing liver problems / failure in dogs. There were over 400 dog deaths that could be linked back to the Blockade – Hartz refused.

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