HARTZ ear mite med disaster!!!

When I first found Akira she was near dead…I found her on a Friday afternoon, and went to Wally world (aka Walmart) that night to get kitty stuff (I had never had a cat before). Well she had REALLY bad ear mites so I figured Id get a jump on things and get some OTC ear mite stuff, so mabey it wont be so bad on her untill we get to the vet Monday…when I got home and put the drops in it took about an hour. Akira’s ears turned flaming red, puffed up super swollen and she was scratching at them violently the edges started looking flacky….like they were drying out…of course ignorant kitty mom I was didnt relate teh 2 untill Sunday after like 4 more applications…Of course after that the stuff went in to the trash….then I went on-line and looked up HARTZ and foudn all kinds of nasty stuff about their products..mainly the flea stuff…but my experiance…and after seeign all those death stories is more than enough to make me never buy another thing from that company..even a toy!!!

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