Hartz is a bunch of JUNK

I bought harzt flea and tick medicine for my cat about a year ago. I made sure it was the correct weight for her and everything. I only used half the tube on her and about 2 hours later I realized something was terribly wrong with her. She was falling off furniture, she couldn’t jump on anything, her eyes looked funny, and she was drooling something awful. I immediatly took her to the emergency overnight vet. Luckily I was there in time, they had to pump her stomach, and put her on IV’s and watch her overnight. They said she would be ok, but that things like this happen all the time. Well I was so irrate at hartz after hearing these stories I called them and emailed them. It took awhile but eventually I recieved my money back for the vet bill, and reembursment for the product itself. I wish they would take this crap off the market because it is obviously doing more harm than good for all these animals!

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