On September 12th we use Hartz fogger, on Sept 15th our cat Rooroo died.
On Saturday we uised Hartz home flea & tick killer (note the bottle states safe for pet bedding), well sunday Luther vandross kitty threw up, stopped drinking, cant poop, walks like his back legs are going another way, we called hartz who put us on phone with a vet. Cant save the cat its alreadyu in his blood stream cause nerve damage. I want to know how the hell there product says ” do not use on pets ” but then states ” safe for pet bedding “. Keep in mind both times it was flea spray for dog, but cat who lives in same house dies. When I asked hartz they stated some cats can handle the fumes, others cant. They then offered to pay the vet bill of $31.00 to put my cat to sleep. I detest these people right now, Id rather deal with the fleas then put my pet through a living hell. I hope Hartz rots in hell for killing our pets.

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