Hartz flea drops are bad!

We used Hartz flea drops on my Maine Coon cat…if any of you know the breed you know they get really big. Anyways, after using it he started running into walls and just acting like he was drunk almost. Then he started drooling and being lathargic so I called my grandmother who has the same type of cat…when I told her what we had used she screamed into the phone for me to use Joy dishwashing liquid and bathe him right then. It took 3 trys but after we got it all off he was ok. Then my husband found a small kitten on the side of the rode and the ppl that had dumped her and poured I know at least 3 or 4 tubes of that junk on her…I knew it was Hartz cause it smelled the same and it was hard to get off her too. She was acting VERY WEIRD before I finally got all that crap off her. Our vet told me to NEVER buy Hartz products cause they are worthless.

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