poorer but wiser regarding Hartz products

Yesterday morning I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops to my yellow tabby kitty. By the afternoon (for some reason it took a while to affect him), he crawled out from under the bed like a drunk, twitching all over and his little eyes rolling back into his head. I rushed him to the vet. He had to have IVs and Diazapam. He had a gran mal seizure on the table. Because I’m a nurse, they sent him home for me to observe for the night with an extra bit of Diazapam incase he had another seizure. He almost died. He spiked a temp and I used cool washcloths on his ears to make him comfortable while he panted. I wanted to take him back in but had already spent $160 at the vet already. I watched and waited. At 1AM the tremors finally stopped and he got up to use the litter box. Thankfully, he was fine this morning. But I am much wiser and poorer. I am sorry I put my kitty through all that. What a day! I want everyone to know about that stuff and how awful it is, but I’m not sure how to even do that. Advantage and Frontline are the only products I will use from now on. My vet told me the Hartz drops are basically consentrated flea spray and don’t work anyway. This experience will be reported to the EPA, but I wish there was a way to get Hartz off the planet so no one else has to go through what I did.

Hartz Testing?

All the stories here quote the Hartz Co. as stating their products are thoroughly tested.
What do you think they test them on?
There is a big market for stolen pets for this kind of research.
I know as there is a “Buncher” working in my area and the cat I’ve loved more than any I have ever had in my 60+ years disappeared one day in an hours outing.
I live on a very large acreage and he hates roads, never goes near it.
I’ve seen this guy several times, “almost caught him once”.
When I do, don’t ask!
Also in the week I lost my big 20lb Cullen several neighbors lost animals too.
Some were stolen from inside fenced property.
They sell these animals to Class “B” animal dealers who in turn sell them to labs etc.
This is a sort of laundering process.
They want you healthy people loving animals, not unhealthy strays that have been abused, are hard to handle, sick or nutritionally deprived.
Check out the sites:
Both the guys who run these organizations are great.
The information they provide should be mandatory for pet owners.

If only I knew about Hartz beforehand!

My cat, Smoky, is traumatized by the persistent twitching and irritation of her ear from the application of the Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tick drops. I applied the product as directed and instantly she was frantically running around the house pawing at her neck. I first thought maybe it is from the product dispersing itself on her skin. Then she was having these strange behaviors of shaking her head, hissing, severe ear twitch and skin rolling on her back. I couldn’t stand watching the stress she was in and gave her a thorough bath with cat shampoo. But the product was still visible on her fur and she was having these attacks every 1-2 minutes. I called my vet and she suggested to use a soap with some detergent in it. I then used dish soap, Joy, to help break down the oils of the product. It seemed to work, there were no longer visible signs of the product in her fur.

By this time 1 1/2 hours had past and some of the product was definetely still in her skin. She was still having the episodes of head shaking, hissing, and twitching. I took her into my vet the following morning. She said that her skin is probably still irritated, but that she should be ok. Because she had no foaming at the mouth or fever. She is still having her ear twitching, but only occasionally is she hissing. I feel so bad for applying this product to her. If only I knew…

Thank you for the great website. It was from the different stories that I knew how dangerous of a situation I had gotten my Smoky in. What an outrage that it was the only cat flea and tick drops I found at Target and Petco here in San Mateo, CA.

Hartz Flea Collar

My first cat as an adult was a Himalayan (something crossed with a Persian mom). On two occasions (2nd time I was just plain stupid) she went into convulsions/seizures(?) within 30 minutes of putting a flea collar on her. Within minutes of pulling them off her, she would recover.
After that it was clear that Advantage and Frontline Plus were the only “safe” products for her.
My vet told me that certain breeds of cats were more sensitive to pesticides and medications.

My cat died within 16 hours after applying Hartz Atvantage Flea Drops

He was a healthy, happy cat day before yesterday, today he is dead.

He died from the deadly neurotoxins contained in Hartz Flea and Tick drops Plus, absorbed through the skin. Neurotoxins affect the nervous system. The death is caused by massive failure of the major organs. Symptoms include twitching, coma, dramatic drop in temperature, vomiting, howling, and death. He had taken this medication before and had shown no symptoms, so don’t be fooled into thinking that if you used this before that your cat will not react to this.He received only a partial dose, not even the whole tube.

I called Hartz, there is no antidote.

I think it is time we pressured the EPA to take this junk off the market. I don’t want my vet bill paid, I want it off the market.

my babie were having trouble after hartz

I have 2 cats and had given them a short bath before putting the hartz fle spot treament on them.
I put the flea med on and withing an hour had one cat acting drunk , laid out dopey eyes, and the other was running around like she had just taken some serious drugs or something. I assumed they were just in a mood and told my husband to help me keep and eye on them . Well that was at 9pm and we went to bed around 10pm and I got up at 430am and you would not believe the seizures they were having , I callede the emergency vet and explained what happened and was asked if I use meds for cats or dogs. Well it was made for cats I said . They had me rush the babies to the hopsital and they had to stay for 30 hours to be treated with iv’s and medication . I do not understand why hartz doesn’t get into any trouble for the animals it tortures. Tha babie are doing much better now and are on seizure medication daily,
Please ALL lets BAN HARTZ!
thank you
[email protected]

My cat Belle’s ordeal!! She almost died!!

I have a four-year-old gray tabby cat named Belle.
She never had fleas until recently (we moved to Florida two years ago), and last year the vet treated her with Advantage. Well, this year I purchased Hartz drops from Target as soon as I saw her scratching — I had run out of the Advantage and I figured the only difference could be that the Hartz might not work as well since it was cheaper (boy, was I wrong!!).
I put the Hartz on her (I actually bought the “for 10 lbs. or less” size –by mistake, even though she weighs 13 lbs..imagine what would have happened if I had bought the larger dose..!?!?!) and went to bed shortly after.
The next morning, she was not herself. She was twitching profusely — especially her ears.
She kept scratching and licking the application site.
I did not know what to do — so I called Hartz.
They told me to wipe her down, monitor her behavior and “just make sure it doesn’t get worse”. I said that her condition seemed bad, but stable (at the time it was). They said “if it gets worse give her a 15 minute bath and then call us back”.
Well, it got worse — I gave her the bath.
After the bath, she seemed to be calming a bit. I didn’t call Hartz right away — instead, I called the vet. They told me to bring her in.
She was diagnosed as dehydrated, and a victim of toxicity. She could have died. She had to be kept overnight at the vets, given injections, and given a special bath to remove the poisen (the Hartz drops). The vet told me he has yelled at Hartz for years and has seen MANY cases like mine.

When I called Hartz back from the vet’s — they told me to send all documentation in for a re-fund (do they really pay your vet bill — mine was $180!). Anyways, how can they ever pay back that traumatic experience? Are they really that insensitive that they don’t mind killing domestic pets for profit? What is the point of marketing a product that is going to cause them so many lawsuits?? Who the hell is running this place??
Anyways, I still feel guilty for purchasing the product — but I will not stop fighting this until I get an answer from these killers!
Oh, I also forgot to add that while I was on the phone with Hartz while inside my vet’s office — I asked the lady “What do you do for the people whose pets die from your products??” (at this point I thought Belle might die) and she was like “YOUR CAT IS NOT GOING TO DIE”..
I only wish I had read this site BEFORE I had that conversation — because I would have told her to go to hartzvictims.org.

avma should support us

I was just trying to find someone to vent to and I decided it would be the AVMA. My name is Mark, I cannot believe all the stuff about HARTZ advanced care flea drops, I actually used it not knowing it was toxic. I wished I had been pre warned or something. Everyone who has been affected they are trying to come together but its going to be a uphill battle against such a large company with a known pet friendly image! My first thought was to ask if you guys have any program(s) that you have implemented ? I mean” common ” if our own government wont make them admit that they are killing peoples dear pets, then its almost just hopeless- don’t you think? I honestly feel that you guys have a role in this, a large role, more out of ethics than anything. You go to work everyday and feed your families from the money that we pay to have our pets well cared for, yet a company is profiting from the accidental? death of those very creatures that your sworn to protect when you acquire your degree? How many veterinarians have seen with their own eyes, a cat with uncontrollable tremors, kidney failure, or even death? Yet the AVMA has done absolutely nothing to organize the data and document the deaths. Pathetic, unethical and irresponsible!!!! And the pet owner goes home empty handed, heartbroken and their dear vet gets a nice check from HARTZ, almost seems to easy, maybe you guys would actually like more companies like Hartz around, more sales is always good!!!

I’ll never use Zodiac again!

I used the “Zodiac Fleatrol” on my kitty one night and the next morning I found clumps of her fur all over my rug. I checked her out and she ripped out all her fur on her neck and had scratches that were bleeding! I freaked out and immediatly gave her a bath in warm water. It took almost 2 whole months for her to heal and grow her fur back! I will never use an over-the-counter product again!

Hartz Flea Treatment

We used Hartz flea treatment for cats under 10 lbs. Our cat is a small thing, maybe 6 pounds (fully grown). Anyway, she ran off immediately after we put it on her and hid. Considering she’s shy and set in her ways we didn’t think much of it. Later in the night, about two am, she started crying and wouldn’t stop until one of us got up. She was shaking, and cowering. When we tried to touch her, her hackles went up and her ears went back. We decided to wait and see how she was in the morning (as she IS emotional and does hold grudges). By morning she wasn’t crying anymore but was weak, shaking and visibily upset. Although she knew who I was, she would not come when called, and she winced when I tried to pet her in the area of the application. I got online to see if maybe it could’ve been the Hartz treatment. We are off to the vet now. Thanks for the site!!!