Bad medicine

Last year was pretty rough for me financially, and I just couldn’t afford to take both my cats to the vet (I now have three, having taken in a feral kitten).

They were troubled with fleas, so I bought the once-a-month flea drop product from Hartz. I’d heard lots about once-a-month programs, and how well they worked, and I figured a company like Hartz was reputable. Plus, the price was right — about $8 for three treatments instead of the $39 for three treatments the vet wanted.

Both cats immediately went into fairly major contortions trying to get the stuff off. I didn’t think that much of it, since they *always* try to get any kind of medicine off. One of my cats, though, started vomiting a *lot* (more than normal for this cat). I used the treatment a second month, and noticed when I applied it that the more-affected cat was losing some fur. I concluded that she was allergic to fleas and to the flea medicine and got her a collar instead.

As I’d gotten the breakaway collars, both cats had them torn off and hidden within a couple of days.

I gave up at this point and bought them the more expensive medicine at the vet, which controlled their fleas very well.

One of the cats had lost a lot of fur, but I assumed it would grow back over the winter. I figured she had lost it due to body stress because of flea allergies. However, it never grew back, and she has large patches of fur missing, and scabs everywhere.

She also was grooming and scratching constantly. If she was awake, she was grooming and scratching. I spoke of it to the vet, and noted that I’d tried the Hartz products. He was horrified, and said not to use them anymore, because a lot of cats were experiencing seizures or even dying because of the OTC treatments.

I watched them carefully this time, and noticed that the constant grooming and scratching has stopped. I’m hoping my cat’s fur will eventually grow back in.

And I’m warning everyone I know not to buy Hartz products of any kind.

Hartz Birdfeed not good for birds

I lost my pet starling Turdy after feeding her Hartz bird feed, After she died I read the package to my horrer there is all kinds of chemicals on their seed. I had been feeding her organic seed.

A gentleman that I worked with at the time raised birds and we both had bought seed the same time, I asked him how his birds was doing and he had all ready lost several of his birds.

I mistakenly thought that it was supposed to be good because it was from Hartz. I cost them business every chanch I get, and will keep doing so.

Saving Penny cost plenty!

I made a terrible mistake yesterday. I assumed that if a product was on the shelf in my local Pet-mart, that it was safe for my cat. Before going to bed last night, I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops on my cat Penny and went to sleep. This morning, instead of being greeted by an affectionate meow, I found our cat in a dazed almost drunken state, shaking uncontrolably. What shocked me most was that the person I called at the emergency vet clinic and our family vet both were familiar with the situation and knew exactly what I had applied to my cat, BEFORE I COULD FIND THE BOX TO TELL THEM! I can’t believe this product is still on the market. I am going to spread the word about Hartz products and I am going to do whatever I can to have this specific product removed from the shelf at the Pet-mart. As of tonight, Penny looks like she is going to recover. I thank God I found her this morning and that our Vet was able to save her. As for myself, I am $100 dollars poorer but a whole lot wiser about Hartz!

My dog almost died

I never heard of this site until today. Last night I gave both of my dogs flea drops. I gave my puppy Frontline and my older dog Dude Hartz drops. I did it later in the evening because I thought they would be tired and wouldn’t try so hard to rub it off. My husband and I put them to bed at 11 p.m. I got up to let them outside at 7 a.m. My dog Dude was laying in his little bed shaking. All over the room there was vomit and feces. We took him to the vet and he wasn’t responding to the light the vet was showing into his eyes. They had to scrub the Hartz off of his fur and start an emergency IV. The vet says his liver count is 9 times what it should be. She said his stool sample was full of Ecoli and that he got sick because of the Hartz drops. I feel so quilty, my husband and I had never heard anything about Hartz having such a deadly effect on dogs…I thought I was helping to protect my dog and instead I nearly killed him. I’m going to make sure that everyone I know hears about this. I don’t want anyone else’s pet to suffer like Duderz. He should never have had to go through this. The vet will start another IV treatment at 7 tonight. We won’t be able to see him until then. Please keep him in your thoughts.

My kitten has fallen victim

March 14,2005 I put Hartz flea and tick drops plus on my 9 month kitten. She had a severe reaction. She was twitching and crying and scratching and losing hair. I rushed her to emergency vet. He washed her off , but said there was nothing else he could do it had already gone into her bloodstream. I waited to see if she would die. Today March 17 she is alive. I want these drops off the market and have complained to the EPA and the Hartz company, I am seeking a lawyer and will let you know what I find. I am also seeking participants for a protest at Hartz main office in Secuacus New Jersey.

My Family,3 Cats DEAD,Courtesy of Hartz Corp.

My husband and I used the Hartz 2 in 1 Flea Dip for my cats this past June 29th, I believe, this which containes the lovely but DEADLY chemical pyrethrin.. Within hours I had to rush my purebred Persian, Puffy(4,f) to the vet, as she looked listless, was drooling and not breathing well. I was going to do all I could to do to save her, but she died 6/29/04 of POISONING before a transfusion could even be set up.
We had to turn around and take the other 2 cats, Bud(14,m) and Mickey(13,m) as they were displaying the same signs by the evening . Again the doctors monitored them and they even thought they could bring them back, put the level of poison in their bodies was to much ,so I lost my other 2 companions the morning of 6/30/04.
I cannot have children of my own, so I had my cats. They were my family. Hartz Corporation killed them all in 36 hours……it has been almost 9 months, the vet bills still have not been re-imbursed, my soul is empty, and I have not been “happy” since. The only gratification I get, is when I am in any store, in the pet aisle and see anyone looking at Hartz products, I tell my story, in the pet supply store , I tell my story…..I do not want anyone to have to go through the grief and sorrow that I have suffered at the hands of this uncaring, “deny, deny, deny,” money hungry company. I just wish all of them the same suffering deaths that my babies had to go thru, when it comes thier time to go.
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Very Regretful

I have 3 cats who have never had fleas until recently. Felix who is a Lilac Point Siamese, Lucy is a Seal Point Siamese and Rufus, an orange tabby. On March 2 2005 my husband decided to buy Hartz flea drops while at Target (not something I would have done and would have preferred to bathe them). After putting drops on all three that night, we noticed Felix looking a little uncomfortable, and kept shaking his head and scratching where the drops were. We figured the drops were wet and he was not used to it. The next evening when we got home from work, Felix was a completely different cat. This cat is my baby and he has NEVER been sick so I knew right away something was wrong. He would twitch his ears, shake his head and his muscles in his back would spasm. His personality was completely changed and his eyes were puffy and red. I read the package and immediately bathed him and called the vet the next morning when I was told to bring him in. Little did I know these Hartz drops are a pesticide, like something you spray on your lawn. My Felix had been poisoned. His liver enzymes were too high and had to be treated. He was kept the full day to be monitored and had to bring him back the next. I then noticed Lucy doing weird things and spasming. I notified the vet I was going to bring in the other 2, where both had bloodwork, a bath and were released. I have since talked to my vet where I was told about other cases they have had recently and they were made aware of this website and passed it on. All I can say is Thank God my cats are ok. Three cats and an unnecessary $400 later, I would like this product of the shelves. Felix is just back to his normal self. This should not happen to little innocent pets. I dont know what I would have done if any of my cats died from this. I know if I waited any longer it would have been worse. I am contacting Hartz to get them to pay my vet bill. Please let me know if there is any class action suits in FL or how to participate in getting this off the shelves.

Hartz affected my dog

My 12 year old German Shephard had a bad case of fleas, worst I have ever seen. I applied Hartz flea and tick drops to her shoulder and down her back as instructed. She weighed 60 pounds and I had the correct dosage. This was applied on March 3, 2005. On March 8, 2005, she stopped eating and was walking very slow. She did not look like herself. On March 10, she began crying and saliva began to pour out of her mouth. I brought her to the vet that morning and she passed away that evening. I thought maybe it was from old age but after reading these horror stories I am convinced it is from Hartz. She has always been a very healthy dog with a good appetite and I feel awful that I have given her this product. I will write to Hartz and make them aware that I have lost an animal due to their negligence. Why is it still out there?

New evidence, cat saved!

One month ago my wife’s brother came to live with us for a few months due to his work.
He brought a beautiful cat, “Abigail”. She is a Siamese by physical build and coat, except she is brown and tan spotted. She is very beautiful.
She spent the first two weeks with us while he was moving his belongings to here and other places.
During this time Abigail stayed hid out mostly but I knew where so once in a while I would take her a treat, “chicken or tuna”.
After she started coming out I noticed her eyes were always tearing and her nose was sometimes runny.
I also noted she was wearing a flea collar.
My wife an RN, removed the collar and as I knew would happen her brother objected very strongly, “the reason I didn’t remove it”. He even said he was going to get her another one.
The cat has lesions all around the area where the collar was and even all over her body.
I took her to our Veterinarian today and took the collar with me.
The vet said it appeared to her that the cat had been exposed to the toxins of a flea collar.
At that time I took it out of my pocket and she had a fit.
She said to me I thought after all the years and all your animals you knew better than this!
I told her the background on the cat and her comment was, “the cat is lucky to be alive”.
She is on steroids and antibiotics for an infection which could possibly be as a result of the reactions to the collar. The infection probably is not related to the collar but her reduced health situation from the collar could be the reason.
At this time I’m not sure I’m going to let my brother in law have her back when he leaves.

Pearland, TX