I also talked to a customer relations personal.

A friend of mine just lost 3 kittens, presumably from “Hartz Advance Care “- Milk Replacement For Cats. After using this product, the kittens fell into a coma-like state: slowly become unresponsive to the milk replacement. Shortly after, they all died (one even bled at the mouth). Now he is not 100% sure that Hartz was to blame, but he definitely has his suspicions. I called Hartz and spoke to a customer relation?s representative, getting me nowhere. She asked me to ask my friend a list of countless question (which I?m in the process of translating). She also told me that they were ” Under Investigation” (which they always say) and that I should call back with the appropriate information.

Let me tell you: I fully intend on doing just that. I’ve read the cases (and I’m still reading up on other’s) and I am thoroughly disgusted with what I’m learning.

I’ll let everyone know if I made any progress.



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