I do not allow my dogs to have chew sticks. However, I had company over spring break who brought the dogs a treat so I gave in. The treat was Hartz Prime Value 150 Hickory Beef Rawhide sticks.
Within 24 hours of eating a stick, my chihuahua began blowing out poop and blood uncontrollably from his rectum during the night. By the time I woke up, the kitchen looked like a crime scene. By 9 am he was in intensive care isolation at the animal hospital. He remained there for 3 days. He is finally home, and hopefully recovering. The vet bill has come to $400. The vet will not say what caused the problem, but that high fat substances can do it. The problem is called hemmorhagic gastroenteritis.
PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF PRODUCT FROM HARTZ!! THEY ARE DEADLY!! I will certainly spread the news to all the rescue groups with whom I am associated.
Phyllis, rescuemomma7

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