My cat almost died as a result of Hartz advance flea and tick drops.

My cat nearly died last night as a result of Hartz Advance care flea and tick drops. I came home from taking my puppies for a vet check up to find my cat having muscle tremors and twitching in face and sever body tremors. I read the package for Hartz and washed him immediately and rushed him to an emergengy vet. I was forsed to make a decission to pay over 300 dollars or my cat would die . I called Hartz and they have more red tape than I can stand to consider anything you need a letter from your vet itemized vet bill and a letter from you so the vets on staff can look at it. I think they are covering their own butts not caring about my cat who is still hospitalized. I talked to Target and they were removing it from the shelf. I hope my cat will be ok and I will inform you as to his status. I could not afford the 300 plus dollars but did it anyway. I hate seeing that many others have this experience and can not so the animal dies. Talking to this vet they say they get 5 animals a week for thr same thing and it is always Hartz product, makes me wonder if one office has 5 per week what others have.

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