Hartz has had a bad reputation for a while…

About 1993 or so we had a bad outbreak of fleas… So we gave our dog and 2 cats a fleabath and bombed the house. We used Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo. One of our cats is very shy and after we gave her the bath she passed out. The next day we took them all to the vet to get professionally cleaned since Reggie scared the pants off us by fainting. When we mentioned we used Hartz our vet told us not to, because it was too strong for cats, and that she wouldn’t trust it on the dog. For years this has been a funny story (Though at the time it wasn’t funny, it was incredibly scary), the cat fainting, and we’ve told everyone to not use Hartz, and to spend the money on a vet recommended brand.

It wasn’t until today, my mother and I were joking around about Reggie fainting when I decided to read up on the Internet..and found this site. Looks like Hartz is still up to no good!!!! It’s unfortunate that company still sells their poison.

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