Update on TJ

Cheryl has sent HartzVictims.org an update on TJ. If you remember, TJ had a horrible reaction to one of Hartz’s flea collars for cats.

TJ’s neck area seems to be improving. However, the areas above his eyes and numerous patchy areas throughout the rest of his fur, seem to be getting worse. He is also, now pulling out his fur.
I am having my daughter check into taking him back to the vet on Monday (no openings for Saturday). Hopefully, the vet will call in some kind of temporary meds to stop TJ’s from further demise.


One thought on “Update on TJ”

  1. I cant believe you let you cat suffer long enough to end up like this, first sign of problems I would have taken the collar off, alllergic reactions happen in people as well as pets, to let it go that long is abuse, not the companies fault,I dont know but I was looking for help on me and my kitty’s probs, all I found was other peoples negligence, collar is not working on fleas,oh well, that sucks, if its eating her neck up I take it off and bath her.
    To let it get that far is on the owners concience…..

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