How can this stuff still be legal?

We have an 8 year old Siamese cat that my husband bought for me for a wedding present. She has never been outside a day in her life, so we were shocked when we found a flea on her! We knew that if there was one there had to be thousands more so we went to our local store and bought the Hartz brand Advanced care flea and tick drops plus. I honestly did not know that there was any chance of it actually harming my cat. We applied the drops and we noticed her almost immediately acting strange. She wouldn’t respond to us her ears and legs were twitching and she was shaking her head. Then we noticed she was foaming at the mouth as well as liquid coming out of her nose. We washed it off of her with liquid dish soap, and it has seemed to get better, but this was just yesterday and her ears are still twitching a lot. I am hoping this is going to go away soon. PLEASE! Don’t use this STUFF!! If only I had found this site 2 days ago, we wouldn’t be going through this.

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