Hartz flea drops-more expensive than I thought

I bought Hartz flea drops at a discount store because they were so much more inexpensive than the prescription kind they sell at the vets. I bought the drops for “less than 10 lb.” cats. I put it on Marley on March 3rd at 8:30 am. I went about my business for the day but saw her crouched under our coffee table, her muscles twitching, at about 2:30 pm. I bathed the area (back of the neck) where I had placed the drops and called the vet. They said to bring her in immediately. I’m happy to say she is fine after fluid therapy: iv drip; medication: cefazolin, robaxin; a special bath to strip her skin of any residual Hartz medication, and a 2 day stay in the hospital-all totalling $544.55. We consider pets as family members and there was no doubt that we would spend the money to save Marley, but I would like to submit my bill to Hartz for reimbursement-If anyone has any tips, or has ever received payment from hartz, I would appreciate your help.

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