1 Siamese and 1 Airedale dog died in agony!!!

We applied Hartz advanced care drops for cats. Within a few days she was getting tremors. Some days she couldn’t walk. Then she lost control of her bladder and bowels. I knew she had classic poisoning symptoms. We removed what little mold we had. She is an inside cat. Then she just layed down with seizures and never got back up. Christmas am she died in agony. She was making terrible noises and stretching. Then she died. That is when we noticed our 65 lb. Airedale having the same symptoms, he would fall down an unable to rise for 5 minutes, then he had seizures. He had convulsions for 8 hours, foaming out the mouth. He died in agony. Someone needs to pay. I have written to everyone I can think of. Hartz cruel response was to ask me if we had an autopsy done to prove it. Dogs have never been affected she said. I will gladly let them do an autopsy. We have both animals buried. Join me in demanding an investigation. Write to the State Attorney General’s office, they are wonderful. Call the EPA, call your local paper. Thanks for listening. Teresa Ross

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