My cat had a bad reaction

When we stayed in a motel during a cross-country move, our two flea-free cats got a bad, bad, bad infestation. Since we had no vet in the new town, and I very mistakenly assumed that over-the-counter flea meds would be less toxic than prescription ones, we dosed both cats with Hartz. Our short-hair cat developed neurological symptoms–shaking her paw–and other symptoms of a bad reaction. We wiped her down and brought her to a vet who told us how bad the product was. Luckily, our cat survived with no apparent ill effects. I’m astonished, though, that a product that can be so harmful is not only marketed but still in stores. The Hartz flea repellent we got was not, by the way, the one with the really bad chemical; it’s the one that Hartz claims is safe (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name).

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