My puppy died in my arms

Last night, Penelope, the 9-week-old puppy my wife and I were raising, died in my arms. I came home, opened up a pack of Hartz Premium Prime Beef Brand chewing strips and gave her one. Thirty minutes later she was staggering around and foaming at the mouth, choking on a piece of one of the strips. The wife and I tried to save her, but she was gone. She was 9 weeks old. I feel like vomiting.

After she died, I was cleaning up her stuff when I noticed the pieces of the stick she had gnawed off. One in particular was a little shard, about one-eighth inch long, that was just perfect for killing a dog.

I’ve contacted Hartz and told them what happened, but while the phone rep was very nice, I have yet to hear back from them. I’m out the money for a registered Pekingese, and, more importantly, I’ll have to live with the image of her dying for the rest of my life.
Jim Dunn
Birmingham, AL

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