My 3 year old Jack Russell had 3 seizures

My 3 year old Jack Russell named Jack has had 3 seizures
I was not sure why after 3 years of age that my very healthy dog would have seizures, My vet tried to tell me that my dog had epilepsy, the vet also after the third seizure put my dog on Phenobarbital, because they felt it could only be epilepsy, I never in a million years thought it might be the flea medication that I used on my dog that would be causing him to have seizures, ?until I ran into a lady at the Pet smart pet store in the Isle where the flea treatment was keep, this lady told me that after she used the flea drops on her dog that her dog had seizures, well I put 2 and 2 together and called my vet to inform them that I have started to reduce the Phenobarbital until I will not give it to my dog at all, I felt the medication had altered his personality, he was depressed, and he also seems as if he is drunk from the drugs because he wobbles around the house running into table legs and the walls. I hated giving my dog any type of drug that would cause him later down the road more harm then good and if he didn?t have epilepsy then there is no need to give him Phenobarbital, needless to say they were not happy with me because I have made this choice because they said I could be right but then what if I were wrong, I told them I know I am not wrong and they also said they had heard of Hartz flea drops causing problems, I had also explained to them that my dog was in perfect health before I started using the Hartz 3 in 1 flea drops in December and that my dogs Seizures all started after I used the HARTZ 3 in 1 Flea & Tick drops, before December 2004 I had never used any kind of flea drops on my dogs, in January I used the drops again and my dog had he?s second seizure in February I ran out of the flea drops so he did not get a treatment and he also did not have a seizure in February, on March 7 I bought more Hartz flea drops by March 9th my dog had another seizure.
Had I know that the Hartz Flea drops caused problems such as seizures as well as death in many pet I would have never used it.

Has anyone?s dog had mild seizures after they used Hartz 3 in 1 Flea Drops?
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