Photos of TJ – Hartz collar

This is the letter and photos that Cheryl submitted to Hartz regarding her cat, TJ.

WARNING: The photos below are very disturbing

Per my vet, my cat, TJ, was poisoned by one of the Hartz Cat Flea collars. His neck looks like a turkey’s, his tail, paws, mouth, ears….any place that he touched with the collar, also become severly infected. As he was a very furry friend, until he began to smell, stop cleaning himself and lose his appetite did we take a closer look. With a $200 vet bill, and hopefully a successful next 14 days, he should be back to normal. After receiving steroid & antibiotic injections, fluids via IV, several antibiotic flushes & oral antibiotics (antibiotics will be given for 14 days, flushes at home 2/day and to get him to eat/drink, special "milk" and food "gravy".)

I’ll take him back for checkup in a week. He seems alot better but the pics I am sending were AFTER the vet. He also weighed about 18 lbs. and seemed lighter and more picky about eating…he is down to 14lbs. The vet said that it was definately caused by the collar. I am surprised TJ didn’t die and did so well as he’s no youngster…about 11 yrs. old. Given research that I have done, apparently there are thousands and thousands of animals that are being maimed and killed by your products (example- . I am furious that this product is still available and that I hadn’t heard anything about it until TJ almost died. Please advise.

Click here to see photos of TJ.

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