My Angel almost went to heaven

Yesterday afternoon I applied Hartz flea and tick treatment to my one and a half old kitten, who is appropriately named Angel (because that is what he is for me, my Angel). At about 11 o’clock last night he started shaking uncontrollably. I figured it had to be a reaction to the flea treatment, because he hadn’t been into anything new that day. I washed it off and he kept shaking. I called my Mom crying and she recommended a 24 hour vet to call. I called the vet and explained that I had applied some flea treatment and I thought my kitten was having a reaction. The vet replied “It wasn’t Hartz, was it?” I almost died. I brought the kitten in right away. Thank GOD he’s going ok today and I’m about to go pick him up. When I saw all the stuff online about cats and kittens suffering from this product it enraged me! I called the hotline today and got a spiel about it being safety tested and FDA approved. HAH!

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