Hartz Knows

Hartz KNOWS this product is dangerous to cats. That 800 number to call on the packaging? That is an ACCOUNT Hartz has with the ASPCA Poison Control Center. Ask them. For a normal person to call the ASPCA Poison Control it costs like $29.95 or something. If you use that special number on the packaging, it is included in the huge sum Hartz pays. They have that account because SO MANY cats are injured or killed by their products. I HAVE SPOKEN TO VETS {off the record} that work full time for the ASPCA Poison Control. They told me MANY MANY calls come in because of this product.
Of course Hartz will never admit it, not in the letters they reply with, not after your vet sends in a signed affidavit. They already KNOW but are not doing anything about it.

We need to petition major resellers like WalMart to get them to stop selling it. Maybe this whole group, each and everyone of you who has had their cat harmed by this product needs to file a class action lawsuit and get this out in the media, not to mention reimbursement for your veterinary bills.
Hartz will not stop. Something needs to be done to stop them and make more people aware BEFORE they purchase the product. Unfortunately most people will not even know this website exists until after it has been applied to their cat and it has done harm.

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