My Kitten, Chicken, Almost Went to the Light

I am more than willing to join anyone in Missouri, trying to sue the Hartz company. I am a college student with enough money to pay for shots, etc. I was not prepared to pay for extreme vet bills after my cat, Chicken, was poisened by Hartz Flea and Tick Drops. Yet, I can definitely conjure up enough money from my bank, where I work, to sue the Hartz company. I am in shock that out of all these complaints, they still have their lethal products on the market. I gave Chicken flea and tick drops 5 days ago and 2 days later it started having muscle spasms, which totally freaked me out. So, I took him to the emergency vet hospital and he had a fever of 105.5 F. Anyone who knows cat’s normal temp. knows that once they hit 106 F. they start getting brain damage. So, they put alcohol on his feet and his temp., luckily, went down to 103 F. If his temp. did not go down I would have had to put him to sleep because I do not have beaucoup bucks to put him in the hospital. Anyways, he is still not out of the woods because I have to force him to eat and when his temp. rises I have to put alcohol on his feet so he does not get brain damage. The doctor prescribed him antibiotics as well, so I gave it to him yesterday and he is starting to meow again and he drank water today!!! So, hopefully things are looking up for Chicken. If my cat dies I will sue the [email protected]! out of Hatrtz myself because helpless animals should not be dieing, when taking over-the-counter medicine. This is crazy!

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