Saving Coco from Hartz!!!

I am presently at home without my kitty. She is at the animal hospital being treated for poisoning after using the Hartz 4 in 1. I applied it last night and by this morning she could barely walk. Her body shakes non stop and her muscles are convulsing. She is scared and miserable. You can see it in her eyes. My anger is immeasurable. Our Vet said these products should NOT be on the market. He has written to Hartz himself and received NO reply. Imagine that! I intend on calling our Attorney first thing tomorrow along with poison control and the SPCA. She cannot be replaced if she does not survive but I intend to make sure this has not all been for nothing. No creature should have to suffer because of this kind of negligence. Anyone in Alabama interested in persuing this with me please call me at 205.601.0871. Thank you

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