Hartz – almost killed my cat

My cat was a victim of the Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tick drops. She suffered terrible side-effects from this product. My cat was lucky, after 2 nights in the hospital, she survived, but I am taking action to be reimbured for my vet bills, and I’m also taking action with PETA and other organizations. Below is a letter I’m sending them, which also tell my story.

Hartz flea drops caused seizure

It’s 5am now and my husband and I just got home from the emergency vet clinic. One of our cats (a stray that has adopted us) has fleas, so we used the Hartz flea drops on it and thought that was the end of the fleas! Three hours later she started seizing and has been seizing since. We called the vet after the 3rd episode when she had been seizing for 30 minutes straight (which turned into an hour plus by the time we got the vet). I told the vet that she was a healthy cat before this and the only change was the flea drops. That’s when I learned that the Hartz drops are toxic. I CANT BELIEVE THEY CAN SELL THIS STUFF KNOWING WHAT IT CAN DO!!!! The vet told us there is no antidote for this- all they can do is flush the poison out with IV fluids and treat the seizure with Valium and a muscle relaxer. Also very important to wash off all residual chemicals. When they started to give her a bath, it made the seizure ten times worse- so it’s important that if your animal is having a severe reaction, you contact the vet and ask if you should bathe the animal or just go in.

As it stands now, they are giving her a 30% chance of survival…they’ll know more in a few more hours. She will have to stay at least 24 hours and it will cost around $600- if she survives that long.

I am on a crusade to learn more about this and I want to thank everyone who has provided info. This has got to stop! My heart goes out to those who have lost beloved pets and those whose pets have suffered. I’m just sooo angry and guilty that I caused this to happen by buying this product. I thought it was regulated by FDA so it would be safe… but the vet said it isn’t regulated anymore and they can get away with anything.