Bad Bedding?

Like everyone else here, myself and my animal companions of years past have been victims of Hartz products. I can’t begin to tell of the horror stories I have heard and personally witnessed through friends and their families and through total strangers looking for answers to the sudden illness and even death of their beloved animals.

This particular story is not about a cat, but about a colony of mice. I have many animal companions, which range from the feline fancy on through the herptile and aquatic fancy. I also have a colony of breeder mice.

It all started a number of weeks ago. I was looking through bedding materials at Delta, a local private owned petstore who I have been doing business with since I was rather young. They are kind and caring people, very knowledgable and willing to go out of their way to help you. A good old ma and pa shop, if you will.

I knew better than to go near cedar or pine shavings because of the tendancy for said materials to cause horrible respiratory ailments and because of the toxicity (especially to reptiles, as I have several). Aspen is what has always been recommended to me, and what I have seen recommended elsewhere. I have been satisfied with it ever since I started using it as substrate for my animals.

Typically I purchase a brand called Sun Seed ( ) which has an unmistakable yellow and blue lable on its packaging. There came a point when I needed more bedding, but Delta was out of the larger blocks of bedding I normally buy. I decided it couldn’t hurt to see what else they had, and to try it and see if I liked it well enough to switch over.

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