Trying to do the ”Right” thing

I wish to let everyone know that Hartz has claimed another innocent animal. I just buried a dear friends cat that she left for me to care for while she was finding another apt. Thinking she was doing the right thing to help her cat she brought her to me along with her bed, toys, litter box wearing a brand new flea collar —– the cat died four days later, without any symptoms, in his bed. After I buried him I went to the supermarket and looked on the shelves and there was Hartz Mountain Flea and Tick collar – the very same type on the cat. Nothing was wrong with the cat as he was just vetted out and all was well. I cannot prove it was the flea collar but if I had the cat examined I KNOW it was the collar. Had I known it was a Hartz Mountain collar this poor cat had on it would have come off immediately.

Another innocent cat dies because Hartz is be allowed to get away with this carnage.

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