Reaction to Hartz flea drops

I was so glad to see this web site!
I am relieved to know that at least this problem is regognized and there is a support for victims.
I have had my cat Marley for almost 12 years. It has always been a priority for me that Marley his side kick Frankie are comfortable and healthy. They are indoor cats and have been most of their lives. I have usually been able to avoid flea problems. There has been probably eight or so incidents where I have had to bath and/or treat the cats with meds for fleas. The cats have always been good when I bathe them, and on the two ocassions when I used a treatment, I used Advantage. Advantage flea drops worked like a charm, and neither of my cats had a reaction.
Unfortunately, this last incident came at a time when I am very pressed for money. I am a student going for my teaching credential and Masters degree, and am very strapped for cash for the next year or so. So, I opted for the cheaper solution to the flea problem that I had on my hands, and bought Hartz flea drops in the green tube, for cats weighing over 10 pounds.

After slathering on the goop from the tube onto the back of my cats heads, I noticed imeediately that the odor was more offensive than Advantage’s. The next day, I noticed that the product still had not absorbed into their coats completely. Their hair was sticking up in a manner that made them look like little punk rock cats. I decoded to give the product a little more time to work. The cats were still itching and licking themselves. Not only did they not seem relieved, they seemed lethargic and uncomfortable. They both huddled nervously in front of the window all day. They rarely moved, even to eat.
So, I decided, two days later, to wash them with a flea soap (Also a Hartz product) to remove the first product that was offensive to myself, and my cats (or at least they seemed offended). I also thought that the flea soap would remove the fleas, which the first product had not yet seemed to do.
I thought that would be the end of the ordeal, but, to my surprise, the next day Marley was suffering from irritated skin and hair loss. On his chest he was missing a palm size amount of hair. Cunks of cat hair were laying all over the floor and he was licking himself as if he were in some sort of manic state. I was so shocked at the site of the hair loss, and so concerned for his health that I began to cry. I also noticed that his ears were twitching uncontrollably, and at that decided to call the vet hospital in Los Osos.
I told the assistant there that I had no money to take my cat to the vet, but was scared for the health and life of my long time companion, Marley. I recounted the events of the last few days with her and described the symptoms. “Did you use Hartz products?,” she asked me when I had told her the story. I was again shocked. How did she know this? Was Hartz really such a bad product that it had made a name for itself in veterinary emergency rooms?
She explained that the hospital had seen many cases of allergic reactions to Hartz products. She told me that all I could do at that point was “let it run it’s course”. Which I have.
MArley is doing a little better now. He is still licking himself a little. He lost more hair between his shoulder blades. His hair loss has slowed down and his ears do not twitch anymore. He doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable, but he favors the area on his chest when it comes to cleaning. I cannot wait for him to heal.
He is my best friend, and I am glad that he still has his life. I think, after reading the other stories at this site, that Marley could have had it alot worse.
Hartz should seriously reconsider the business they are in. Aren’t they supposed to be in the business of keeping animals healthy? Because that doesn’t seem to be what they have in mind when they sell products that jeopardize the life of our animals. That seems to be a motive of greed and money, not of love and concern.
Shame on Hertz for promotong poison for our pets.

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