Do Not Combine These Two Hartz Products

I purchased Hartz’ Control Flea & Tick Guard for Cats (spray) for my cat K.C (aka KittyCat). She already had on a standard Hartz flea collar. She was treated by myself with the spot spray.

The following day I noticed she was making some strange noises, so I looked closer. I was horrified to realize that the flea spray when combined with the powder on the flea collar, had formed into a gel that had hardened overnight.

The flea collar was now ‘glued’ to my cat’s neck and she had already panicked overnight, which caused the glued flea collar to rip out a huge section of hair on the underside of K.C.’s neck.

I applied warm water, as to remove the flea collar. Then I retried with the collar in my hand and sprayed it with the spray. Sure enough, the two combined products formed the same ‘gel’ where as water on the collar did not ‘gel’ at all in the same way.

I kept the ripped out section of hair clean via a diluted saltwater solution for a couple of days. To no avail, the exposed skin area was getting much worse. So we took her to the Vet. Hospital And they said she had a progressive skin infection as a result of the hair being ripped out by K.C. when the collar became glued to her fur.

Also the Vet. said that had we not brought her in sooner she may have had to be put down. They gave her two antibiotic shots, followed by an oral medication for us to give K.C. twice a day for ten days. Now at the end of her ten days K.C.’s neck looks much better.

Unfortunately I suspect that the skin infection has spread further. Her hind feet are now swollen and missing hair, as are her ears. She will be going back to the Vet. tommorow. This maybe her last trip to the Vet. as she is not looking very good at all.

I have contacted the HartzMountain Corporation regarding this matter. I Have sent them progressive photos of K.C. and as well the Vet. bill. I have asked them for reimbursement for the bill and that they put a warning on future products. Results are still pending at this time.

So please remember to tell people Do Not Combine These Two Products (let alone, use them at all)..
1)Hartz Standard (powder style) Plastic Flea Collar,
2)Hartz Control Flea & Tick Guard for Cats (spray).

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  1. This is an update (repeat)
    Ultimately our beloved K.C. fell severely ill as a result of the infection, so we did the humene act and had her put down due to the fact that she was sufferring from a massive skin infection and was also sufferring from obvious mental problems abnormal to her behaviour. Hartz Mountain Corp. would not reimburse us for the vet bills unless we could get the vet to prove my allegations. However, the vet would not state the obvious on paper to further protect his practise from being sued by the giant company, he did not want to be held liable for his discoveries of “a known and repetitive problem with common flea removal products produced by Hartz Mountain Corp. prominently witnessed by him on almost a daily basis, the destruction and senseless nerve agents and their adverse effects on a vast majority of his vet/ patient visits”
    So we were not reimbursed at all, we had to put our beloved cat to death, not so much as a sorry, no reimbursement for even the products we bought. Hartz Mountain Corp. should be boycotted for sure. It’s kinda hard cause through very little research, one quickly realizes the vast size of this company and it’s subsidiary products. I do ask that you in the future, always research what you do for your pets, take nothing for granted..
    I miss you K.C.

    BC, Canada

  2. Travis:

    I am the Senior Director of R&D for Hartz, and have read your posts about K.C. I am deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved pet.

    I would like to reassure you that every Hartz product goes through exhaustive testing in our labs before entering the marketplace. Flea and tick products for cats are tested to ensure both safety and efficacy. The products you mention contain the same active ingredient, Tetrachlorovinphos, and have been reviewed and approved by the EPA.

    However, given the specific nature of your post and the fact that Hartz has never received any report from any consumer (or any other source) of these two products inter-acting in the manner you reported, we ran a series of tests in our labs, seeking to recreate the gel you described. In the first test, we placed a Hartz 2-in-1 Flea & Tick Collar for cats in a Petri dish and then sprayed it with Hartz Control Flea & Tick Guard Spray; in the second test, we placed Tetrachlorovinphos powder in a Petri dish and sprayed it with Hartz Control Flea & Tick Guard Spray for cats. Both Petri dishes were examined at 2 hours and then again at 12 hours. In both cases, we witnessed no gelling or stickiness whatsoever in either Petri dish. These tests, therefore, showed conclusively that the gelling conditions you described were not the result of combining a Hartz flea collar with Hartz Flea & Tick Spray.
    Hartz also went back through your records and noted that you are correct in bringing attention to the fact that you were never reimbursed for the products. We apologize for this oversight. Hartz stands by its guarantee of satisfaction pledge and you should have been reimbursed. It is too late to help you further with KC, but it is not too late to make amends for the product reimbursement you did not receive. If you have moved since you contacted Hartz in 2005, please send your new address to [email protected] , otherwise she will send the check to the address we have on record.

    If you have any questions about these tests, or would like to speak with me further, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].
    Lance Hemsarth
    Senior Director, Research & Development,
    Hartz Mountain Corporation

  3. Yes I have moved, I am very surprised to notice that you indeed did try to recreate my scenario. Yes I still do not purchase Any products or subsidiary products by hartz mountain corporation. I will email you the link to this page. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Albeit a little late.

  4. I have sent an email with address update. I will repost If I get any response from HartzMountain.

    Further noted that the gelling effect which appeared to be the focus of the above mentioned testing vs the well known toxin problems, regarding products as described by me in 2005 which in turn allowed toxins from the flea maintenance products to infect my cats bloodstream. Ingredients have been changed, between that time and the time of testing, therefore the possible test outcome may be incorrect. According to the EPA.
    Here is some info..

    Source Wikipedia:

    Product cancellation order

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required Hartz to cancel the production of phenothrin-containing flea and tick products for cats after receiving thousands of reports of pet injury and death. As of March 31, 2006, the sale and distribution of Hartz’s phenothrin-containing flea and tick products for cats has been terminated. However, EPA’s product cancellation order did not apply to Hartz flea and tick products for dogs, and Hartz continues to use phenothrin in a concentration of 85.7% in many of its flea and tick products for dogs.
    Consumers reported adverse effects, including pet death, in both cats and dogs after using Hartz flea and tick products as directed.

  5. It’s been well over one month and i have emailed Hartz a link to this page and an address update… Still no answer or compensation…

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