This is a letter I sent to the EPA –
I just saw a Special Report on my local TV News (WFLA) tonight on the “Hartz Flea & Tick” products for Cats.
IT’S RIDICULOUS that Hartz gets to just “settle” lawsuits and just “re-label” their products considering the disturbing video I saw of what it’s doing to cats.
What if this product was for children? I bet 10 to 1 that they wouldn’t be able to just “re-label” their products!! That product would be yanked so fast you wouldn’t believe it.

I am certainly a cat lover, and I also don’t know why the “safe” products aren’t sold “over the counter” but the ones that can kill an animal are so easily available! Not everyone can afford to run to the vets every time they see a “flea”, I think most people know what a flea is, and I feel SAFE products should be available for animal lovers. It’s like if you’re not rolling in money temporarily, then you may lose something you dearly love because you tried to take care of it.
Doing research is nice but wouldn’t it make more sense to PULL the products off the shelves while they are being “researched”?
I tried to share my grievances with Hartz but of course, they have no email listed! As far as I’m concerned they care nothing for cats or they would voluntarily pull the products off the shelves themselves. I know I will NEVER purchase a Hartz product again unless they pull this product OFF the shelves! I used to correlate Hartz with pet care but not anymore.
PS – If anyone has an email for Hartz, I certainly give you permission to forward this to them.

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