My Cat Molly got sick…………………..

Last night i had put hartz 3 in 1 flea medication for Molly( our one year old cat) and about one hour or 2 hours later she started shaking and rubbing her eyes with her paws and acting weird like something was we took her to the bathroom and gave her a bath to try to get rid of the medication on her back..and she got worse..the medication came off but it made her disoriented..and her furr was oily.
We contacted the 24 hours vet and brought her in..the vet (or nurse) had asked me if we used hartz i say yes.. and she say it was toxic to her..we were very shocked !
So they were goin to give her a full bath and IV and such to make her feel better.. when we called today to find out how she was doing.. she was aggressive and we are supposed to take her home tmw morning( i hope)
I just cannot believe that it happend! It made me mad and upset and worried and sad..
We want them all the hartz products off the shelves EVERYWHERE.

Thanks for reading this

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